Why do some APs send multiple syslog messages for the same interfering AP?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Product and Software: This article applies to Aruba OS 3.3.2 and later.


When an Aruba AP detects another interfering AP in the RF neighborhood, it sends a syslog message.


Frequent and multiple "Interfering AP detected" log messages indicate these causes:


  • The Aruba AP is no longer hearing the interfering AP on its channel and thus removed it from its monitored AP list after the AP inactivity timeout period. When the Aruba AP hears back from the interfering AP, it will send out a new syslog message accordingly.
  • The interfering AP has changed channel, and when the Aruba AP detects it on a different channel, a syslog message is sent.

Sometimes you would notice that the SSID info is not present in the syslog messages. If an Aruba AP hears an interfering AP but the 802.11 frames did not contain the SSID, the syslog message it sends will not contain the SSID info. However, later when the Aruba AP learns the SSID of the interfering AP, it just updates its monitored AP list but does not send a new syslog message to reflect the SSID information. Therefore, you could see "Interfering AP detected" syslog messages without the SSID, yet the "show ap monitor ap-list" command output would show the SSID of the interfering AP.

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