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Why do we need “alias” or “netdestination” and how to configure it on Aruba controller?

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Aruba Employee

This article explains the use of “netdestination” or “alias” and steps to configure it on the Aruba controller


“Alias” or “Netdestination” is created as an alias to a specific host, network or to club together a set of hosts/networks. While using this option, you need to configure the IP address of the host/network.

This can be useful if we need to allow/disallow a specific set of hosts/network then we need not permit or deny each host/network separately. We can instead create a netdestination containing those hosts/networks and allow or disallow access.



Environment : This article applies to all the controller models and AOS versions.



  1. Navigate to Configuration> Stateful Firewall> Destination
  2. Click “Add”
  3. Enter IP version, Destination name and Destination description (optional).
  4. Enable “Invert” option if you want to specify all the destinations except the one configured in this netdestination
  5. Click “Add” at the bottom
  6. Add the new rule
  7. Click “add” and “Apply.

rtaImage (7).png



(Aruba-620) #configure terminal
Enter Configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z
(Aruba-620) (config) #netdestination RDP-Host
(Aruba-620) (config-dest) #host
(Aruba-620) (config-dest) #
NOTE:  Please ensure you have PEFNG license installed on the controller to configure “netdestination”.


(Aruba-620) #show netdestination
Name: ipv6-reserved-range (invert)
Position  Type     IP addr  Mask-Len/Range
--------  ----     -------  --------------
1         network  2000::   3
Name: controller
Position  Type  IP addr       Mask-Len/Range
--------  ----  -------       --------------
1         host   32

Name: vrrp_ip
Position  Type  IP addr        Mask-Len/Range
--------  ----  -------        --------------
1         host   32
Name: RDP-Host
Position  Type  IP addr    Mask-Len/Range
--------  ----  -------    --------------
1         host   32



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