Why does captive portal login page just stays on even when login credentials are entered and Log-In button is pressed?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment : This article applies to clients connecting to Captive Portal enabled SSID in Aruba Mobility Domain setup.


Clients connect to the guest network, opens up a browser and gets the captive portal page but when they enters the username and the password and press "Log In" button, the page just stays still and do not take them anywhere.

This behaviour occurs when there is no reachability to authentication server from the controller. In such cases, WLAN administrator should look into the network issues that break the authentication server connectivity from the controller.

On Controller, running a "aaa test-server"  command would help to understand the connectivity to the respective authentication server.

  1. Look into the aaa profile of a Virtual-AP profile to understand the Server Group mapped and then the respective Auth Server Name
  2. Or else, use the command "Show aaa authentication-server all" to list out all the authentication servers available.
  3. Once you finalize on the authentication server name, then run a "aaa test-server" on it with the valid username and password.


(Aruba) #aaa test-server mschapv2 <Auth-Server-Name> <Username> <Password>

Below CLI screenshots from controller shows the list of authentication servers and the "aaa test-server":
rtaImage (1).jpg
rtaImage (2).jpg


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