Why does my laptop not work when it is directly connected to the AP-70 enet1 port?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Product and Software: This article applies to Aruba AP-70 and all ArubaOS versions.

The AP-70 wired port (enet1) does not support Auto-MDX, so a hub, switch, or a crossover cable is needed if eth1 port is connected to another MDX device.

The AP-70 has two ethernet ports, eth0 and eth1. Port eth0 is the port for AP-70 to communicate with the controller. Port eth1 can be the backup port of eth0 or it can be connected to a wired device.

Eth0 port supports: POE, SOE and Auto-MDX
Eth1 port supports: POE and MDX

When a non-Auto-MDX device, for example, an old Ethernet NIC, is connected directly to the AP-70 eth1 port, a crossover cable has to be used, or a hub or switch has to be in between.

Note: Uplink ports (eth0) on all Aruba APs are Auto-MDX. Downlink ports on all other Aruba APs with more than one port (such as AP-12x, RAP-2WG, RAP-5WN) are also Auto-MDX. For example, a crossover cable is not needed when connecting a laptop to a downlink port on a RAP-2WG (eth1) or RAP-5WN (eth1-eth4).

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