Why does the multicast streaming does not work on certain port numbers?


Why does the multicast streaming does not work on certain port numbers? 


Different ALGs on the controller are reserved for different port numbers. The ALG expects data packets on specific reserved port number in a certain format that is specific for the protocol. For example, port number udp 5000 is used by noe ALG and udp 5002 is used by vocera ALG. Any data packets with these destination port numbers are expected to be in the format specified for the given protocol (eg. noe or vocera). 

Below are the list port numbers on which the controller ALG listens. 

(Master-7210) #show netservice 

Name                  Protocol  Ports       ALG       Type
----                  --------  -----       ---       ----
svc-dhcp              udp       67-68       dhcp      
svc-tftp              udp       69          tftp      
svc-papi              udp       8211        papi      
svc-sccp              tcp       2000        sccp      
svc-noe-oxo           udp       5000        noe       
svc-vocera            udp       5002        vocera    
svc-sec-papi          udp       8209        sec-papi  
svc-rtsp              tcp       554         rtsp      
svc-svp               119       0           svp       
svc-dns               udp       53          dns       
svc-sips              tcp       5061        sips      
svc-noe               udp       32512       noe       
svc-ftp               tcp       21          ftp       


If a video multicast stream is sent on one of these port numbers, the controller may drop the packet and the user may not receive the stream since these data packets are not in the format defined for the given ALG protocol. To achieve successful multicast video streaming, we must either disable the respective ALG on the firewall or change the destination port number of the multicast streaming. For example, if the multicast streaming fails on port number udp 5000 (port number used by noe protocol), we can either change the destination port number to a different one or disable the "Stateful VOCERA Processing" on the controller firewall. 

The below stateful processings (ALG) can be disabled on the controller firewall. 

(Master-7210) #show firewall | include Stateful
Stateful SIP Processing                      Enabled                                                     
Stateful H.323 Processing                    Enabled                                                     
Stateful SCCP Processing                     Enabled                                                     
Stateful VOCERA Processing                   Enabled                                                     
Stateful UA Processing                       Enabled                                                     
Stateful SIPS Processing                     Enabled                                                     
Stateful ICMP Processing                     Disabled 


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