Why is Aruba AP not broadcasting the SSID after the configuration is pushed from the AirWave server?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment  : This article applies to all controller models and AOS versions.


The complete SSID configuration is pushed to the controller from the AMP server. We can see the configuration being pushed to the controller on the AMP server in logs using the following command:



[root@localhost mercury]# cd /var/log/ap/301
You have new mail in /var/spool/mail/root
[root@localhost 301]# ls
audit.log  event.log  telnet_cmds  telnet_cmds.1  telnet_cmds.2


You can view the logs by using the “less” command as shown below:

[root@localhost 301]# less telnet_cmds



However, the AP is not broadcasting SSID that was pushed through AMP server.


We have noticed, if the VLAN information is not mentioned while creating the AMP configuration, the controller will receive the configuration but may not broadcast the SSID.



Add the VLAN information in the AMP server configuration and push it once again to the controller.

To add VLAN to the AMP configuration:

  1. Click the Group name where the device is provisioned. This will take you to the Monitor page of the group



2. Navigate to the Controller Config tab for this group.
 3. Click WLAN and select the appropriate WLAN


rtaImage (1).png


4. Add the VLAN from the dropdown. The VLAN should exist on the controller.
        5. Click Save



rtaImage (2).png




Note: The device should be in manage mode for the configuration to be pushed to the controller.

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