Why is my mesh point not able to connect even using the recovery profile after replacing the controller?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Product and Software: This article applies to mesh access points and all ArubaOS versions.

A recovery profile is automatically generated by the master controller when a mesh license is loaded and it is stored in the configuration and transferred to LMSs using config. The recovery profile is generated based on the serial number of the controller.

When an MP cannot find or associate to a parent using any of its provisioned clusters, it enters recovery mode and associates to any mesh node that has the same master, and therefore the same recovery profile.

One customer had replaced the controller but had not reprovisioned the portal and point, which stayed up on the previous controller. When the customer tried to bring up the new mesh point provisioned on the new controller, there was a difference in the recovery profile, because the controllers are different. If the newly added mesh point cannot associate to the portal, it will not be able to connect using the recovery profile, because it is different from that of the existing portal and point.

To resolve this issue, have the existing portal and point reprovisioned on the new controller to make sure that the configuration is consistent across all the mesh nodes. This will also ensure that all nodes use the same recovery profile.


This example shows the recovery profile being used by the Portal. Also, from the mesh neighbors of the portal, we can see the recovery profile that the point is trying to use to connect. We can see that they are different because the point has been provisioned on a new controller.

show ap mesh debug provisioned-clusters ap-name "AP85Field"

AP "AP85Field" Cluster Profile: JoelCluster
Item Value
---- -----
Cluster Name joel-mesh
RF Band a
Encryption opensystem
WPA Hexkey N/A
WPA Passphrase N/A

AP "AP85Field" Cluster Profile: Recovery Cluster Profile
Item Value
---- -----
Cluster Name Recovery-G6-2nXver-JlWrH
RF Band a
Encryption wpa2-psk-aes
WPA Hexkey ********
WPA Passphrase N/A

show ap mesh neighbors ap-name "AP85Field"

Neighbor list
MAC Portal Channel Age Hops Cost Relation Flags RSSI A-Req A-Resp A-Fail Cluster ID
--- ------ ------- --- ---- ---- -------- ----- ---- ----- ------ ------ ----------
00:0b:86:9b:4d:b8 Yes 165 0 0 0 P 3h:15m:28s - 44 4 4 0 joel-mesh
00:0b:86:fc:f4:11 00:00:00:00:00:00 - 1 0 65535 N 6m:28s - 22 0 0 0 Recovery-7z-ruau6Q-2U4DI

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