Why is remote AP RAP-2G marked as unlicensed in the AP database?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Product and Software: This article applies to Aruba RAP-2G and all ArubaOS versions.

RAP-2WG is designed to be deployed across Layer 3 networks. If any of these APs is connected directly to Aruba switch by design, it will not come up. It shows in the AP database as inactive (indicated by 'I' flag) and unlicensed (indicated by 'L' flag) as shown here:

(Aruba-3k) #show ap database

AP Database
Name                              Group   AP Type       IP Address              Status                Flags         Switch IP
----                                      -----         -------            ----------                    ------                   -----           ---------
00:0b:86:c3:5c:4b         default  RAP-2WG     Up 3h:57m:43s    IL

Flags: U = Unprovisioned; N = Duplicate name; G = No such group; L = Unlicensed
R = Remote AP; R- = Remote AP requires Auth; I = Inactive; X = Maintenance Mode; P = PPPoE AP
S = RFprotect Sensor; d = Disconnected Sensor; H = Using 802.11n license
M = Mesh node; Y = Mesh Recovery

Total APs:1


If the RAP still shows inactive on the controller, refer to Answer IDs 924, 939, and 981 to troubleshoot further.

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