Why is the new password NOT taking effect even after using the usual method to reset the password on the Aruba Controller?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

This article applies to all controller models and OS version.


At times, even after you reset the password using the standard password reset method, the new password does not take effect. There is no error message displayed.


"Local Authentication Mode" on the controller was disabled as a result of which the controller was always expecting the management authentication should happen through an external authentication server. Hence, it was not entertaining any management authentication request locally.


Enabling "local-authentication-mode" on the controller resolves the problem.



In these situations, issue the ‘show mgmt-user local-authentication-mode’ command to determine if the local authorization for the management user is disabled:

(Aruba) #show mgmt-user local-authentication-mode
Local Authentication Mode:      Disabled

In case the local authentication mode is disabled, get into the controller with the username “password” and password “forgetme!” (usual password reset) and issue these commands:

(Aruba)# Configure terminal
(Aruba)# no mgmt-user localauth-disable

(Aruba) #show mgmt-user local-authentication-mode
Local Authentication Mode:      Enabled

After local authentication is enabled, proceed with the usual password reset process and you should be able to log in after the password reset.

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