Why shouldn't we connect a brand new / factory reset controller to the network before initial config?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment : This article applies to all Aruba controllers and code versions.


A controller can have default config under one of the following cases:

1. It is a brand new, out of the box controller.
2. Controller was write erased and rebooted.
3. It is a replacement unit from Aruba after the RMA.

In all of the above configs, the controller has an active DHCP server scope for subnet /24.

This is to facilitate the initial configuration via web user interface. Desktop or laptop connected to any of the controller wired ports will get DHCP lease from scope. After this, the user can launch a browser session to for the initial configuration wizard.

This DHCP server is active on the controller until the controller is configured and rebooted.

If we connect the controller to the network before reboot, it will start replying to DHCP discover messages and give out leases in that subnet which can cause duplicate IP addressing and connectivity issues.


It is safe to connect the controller only after doing initial config and rebooting the controller.



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