Will the modified DHCP values in internal DHCP server propagated to slave IAPs?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment         This article applies to Instant Access Points running Instant firmware.



Instant Access Point supports “VC assigned” IP assignment, i.e. clients connecting to Instant wireless network could get an IP address from it's internal DHCP server and it's configurable. 




For configuring Internal DHCP Scope kindly refer the below link,



By default, Instant handles out an IP address in range of 172.31.98.x and its a /23 subnet. If any WLAN administrator wish to change the internal scope values, he very well could and the configured changes will be applied only on the Master IAP and will not be propagated to Slave IAPs. 




show aps executed on Master IAP, will show the number of slave IAPs in a cluster
Default DHCP Scope on Master and Slave IAP:
After making changing to DHCP scope on Master:
On slave the DHCP values remains the default even:


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