With AOS version, Aruba introduced the concept of centralized licensing where one controller (master controller) acts as the license server and rest of the controllers act as license clients within the cluster. This article explains: How to add redundancy to an existing license server. How to configure License server redundancy in the cluster.

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

The administrator chooses master controller as the license server and enables centralized licensing on it. In case, this primary License server goes down for some reason, we would need to have the standby controller to take over as the license server to prevent outages. This is done by implementing License Server Redundancy.

This is how a redundant license server is chosen:

  1. If a standby master is present in the network, it is automatically chosen as the standby License server. No manual configuration is required.
  2. If standby master is not present, the administrator chooses another master as the standby license server and configure license server redundancy on both license server and standby license server using following commands:

(Aruba)# Configure terminal
(Aruba)(Config)# license profile
(Aruba)(License provisioning profile) #centralized-licensing-enable
(Aruba)(License provisioning profile) #License server-redundancy
(Aruba)(License provisioning profile) #License-vrrp <vrId>
(Aruba)(License provisioning profile) #Peer-ip-address <ip>


Environment  :  This article applies to all the controllers running AOS version and higher.



In our demo configuration, we have,

Master-1 as the active License server
Master-2 as the backup License server

NOTE: Please make sure, the two standalone Master controllers have VRRP configured. The VRRP IP address will act as the License Server IP address for the License Clients.

On Master-1


rtaImage 1.png


On Master-2


rtaImage 2.png


Use the command "show license server-redundancy" to verify the server redundancy.




Use the command "show license server-redundancy" to verify the server redundancy.

On Master-1

Master-1 is the active license server


rtaImage 3.png



On Master-2

Master-2 is the backup license server


rtaImage 4.png

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