provision a BOC with backup master IP through DHCP option 43 and Activate


How to provision Branch office controller for backup master ( Secondary) through DHCP and Activate ?


With auto provisioning mode the controller gets its IP & gateway from DHCP server, master IP & regulatory domain from Activate Server. Or gets every info from DHCP server.


  • We should configure a local DHCP with option 43 and option 60 to provide Master controller IP and secondary master controller IP along with Country code.
    • Option 60 is configured as Text “ArubaMC”
      • Option 43 is configured as Text “<Master IP or FQDN>,<country code>,<Secondary  Master IP or FQDN>
      • Ex :

Option 60 text “ArubaMC”

Option 43 text “X.X.X.X, US, Y.Y.Y.Y”

Option 43 text “, Us,”


Here X.X.X.X is the master IP address and Y.Y.Y.Y is the Secondary master IP address, is the FQDN of the Master and is the secondary (backup) Master IP address.

Through Activate :


We need to add backup controller details in the provisioning rule which is mapped to the folder where the concern BOC is added, in the following example, we are adding these details to a folder called “7010-branch”


We need to select the MAC address of the backup controller from the dropdown list and should specify the controller IP or FQDN of the backup controller.



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