why does "show web-server" returnes the error "% Incomplete command."?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

1. What were the changes made in "show web-server" since
2. Why am I getting "incomplete command" error in "show web-server?


1. "show webserver" command has been enhanced in Aruba OS

2. It now contains two options:

(config) #show web-server ?
profile                  Web server configuration profile
statistics             Displays HTTP/HTTPS Requests and Traffic Statistics

3. Thus when we execute the command, an error is returned:

(config) #show web-server
% Incomplete command.

4. To see the output visible previously in the command "show web-server", we need to execute the command "show web-server profile":

(config) #show web-server profile
Web Server Configuration
Parameter                                                                        Value
---------                                                                               -----
Cipher Suite Strength                                                     high
SSL/TLS Protocol Config                                               tlsv1 tlsv1.1 tlsv1.2
Switch Certificate                                                            default
Captive Portal Certificate                                               default
IDP Certificate                                                                 default
Management user's WebUI access method                 username/password
User session timeout <30-3600> (seconds)                 900
Maximum supported concurrent clients <25-320>      75
Enable WebUI access on HTTPS port (443)                 false
Web Lync Listen Protocol/Port Config                         N/A

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