802.11r roaming on IAP

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Aruba Employee


Advantages of 802.11r roaming over PMK and OKC:-

  1. Pre-auth with multiple target APs before roaming
  2. Reserves WMM resources
  3. Supports OPEN, WPA2-PSK and WPA2-Enterprise
  4. No EAPoL key exchange while roaming

802.11r Fast Transition methods:-

  1.   OTA - Over-the-Air  [Client to new AP]
  2.   4 packets are changed over the Wi-Fi channel
  3.   ODS - Over-the-Distributed System  [Through the old AP]
  4.   2 packets are exchanged over the Wi-Fi channel and 2 via Ethernet

Note:- This feature is supported only from Instant 4.0 and currently we do not support reserving WMM resources & ODS transition method on IAP or on aruba controller.

We need to also make sure client supports 802.11r to take full advantage of this feature.



Configuration from Webui:-

Configuration from CLI:-


Command output:-


show ap pmkcache
show ap debug auth-trace-buf
show ap debug mgmt-frames

IAP advertised its 11r capability in beacon and probe response by sending Mobility Domain IE.


Sample packet-capture

Thank you.


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