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How to run Air-Recorder script for IAP?


Air recorder is a Java based tool that will run several common CLI commands for checking Mobility Controller or IAP's health information. It's supported on Windows, Linux/Unix and MacOS. Here, we will be discussing about how to run air-recorder on a windows machine for Instant APs.






Below are the instructions to run air-recorder. 


  • Post unpacking the zip file downloaded from Aruba support, copy  below files from unzipped folder into a new folder.
  1. AirRecorder-1.3.14-release.jar        - Java script to periodically collect the needed command output.
  2. commands.txt                                   - This file contains common CLI commands, preceded by a timing variable (in seconds) specifying how often the given command will be executed. Replace these commands as needed.


  • Open a command window(DOS) and navigate to the directory/folder where the files are saved. Use "cd" to the directory. 
  • Run the below highlighted command which will start the AirRecorder.


  1. < Terminal/filepath> java –jar AirRecorder-1.3.14-release.jar –instant  <IAP’s IP>


  • Once started it will prompt for User name, password and Enable password. User name and password will be the regular Web UI login information. For enable password, just bypass by hitting enter.
  • An output file named air-recorder-<controller IP>-n-yyyymmdd-hhmmss.log will be created in the directory from which this Java script was executed. This will keep recordings the outputs until the AirRecorder is running.
  • The file can be opened at any point to review the output as needed.
  • Below is how it will look when it’s successfully logged in,






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