AppRF doesn't classify traffic, if server initiates through eth0 ?

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AppRF doesn't classify traffic if server initiates through eth0 ?


As per the IAP design, if server initiates traffic and if the session gets created through eth0, those sessions are not classified by apprf.

Steps to reproduce:

step1.wireless client associates with IAP
step2.send iperf traffic from eth0 to wireless client
step3.check the classification via "show datapath session dpi | in 5001",the application shows App-Not-Class.

topology:                                  wireless
PC1(client)--------eth0 IAP--------------------PC2(server)

client:iperf -c -t 1000
server:iperf.exe -s -i 2 -B -w 1m


ac:a3:1e:c5:29:bc# show  datapath session dpi | inc 5001   6    5001  52248 App-Not-Class       [0   ] Web-Not-Class       [0  ] 0      9d2c    1896cc 0   6    52248 5001  App-Not-Class       [0   ] Web-Not-Class       [0  ] 0      26d6b   d535406 0       C

So typically, clients are usually behind a private network and sessions are usually initated by clients, so this should work in all cases. 
Iperf starting from server would a special case where the session gets created through eth0 and it is by design that these are not classified.

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