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Aruba Employee

Configuring – INTERNAL-DB

  1. How it works
    1. Internal-DB server is used in an Aruba Central based IAP network for multiple types of authentication such as Captive Portal, 802.1x and MAC based Auth.


  1. The Internal-DB entries can be populated using Aruba Central which includes Username, Password and Role.


  1. Once configured, the server is referenced while creating an ESSID for various L2/L3 auth types as mentioned earlier.


  1. How to configure


  1. In Aruba Central, Go to Configuration > Security, Select ‘Users for Internal Server’ and click on ‘New’






  1. In the ‘Add New Users’ prompt which follows, enter the Username, Password & Type (i.e., Guest/Employee).






a. Similar method is used for configuring Guest users as well,




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