Can Airgroup services be allowed in Guest VLAN in IAP? How to configure?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee
The Aruba mobility controller supports multicast and video optimization features such as IGMP Snooping and Proxy and dynamic multicast optimization. Aruba Instant does not offer multicast intelligence like the mobility controller or the multicast router does. Instant AP forwards multicast traffic for a given VLAN from the wired network into the wireless network and vice-versa.
All multicast routing and IGMP intelligence must be handled by the upstream multicast router. On Instant AP, multicast traffic is not permitted on guest-type SSIDs. This is done to filter out Broadcast and multicast traffic from guest wireless LANs inorder to preserve the airtime and battery life. (ARP broadcasts will be excluded).
Be cautious when allowing bonjour on guest VLAN:

•This will make all the bonjour service available to client in guest ssid.
•Once enabled bonjour packets are flooded on guest ssid.
Environment : This article applies to Aruba Instant Access Points running InstantOS version 6.2.10.- or higher.
Incase,  if an administrator wanted to enable multicast to support Bonjour for Apple clients, then he can enable it either using GUI or CLI.

Using GUI:
  • Login to Instant Web interface
  • Navigate to Services -> AirGroup tab
  • Select  “Enable Guest Bonjour Multicast”
  • Click OK
Using CLI:

IAP_Master# configure terminal
We now support CLI commit model, please type "commit apply" for configuration to take effect.
IAP_Master (config) # airgroup
IAP_Master (airgroup) # enable-guest-multicast
IAP_Master (airgroup) # end
IAP_Master# commit apply
NOTE: "Commit Apply" command is similar to "Write Memory" command that saves the configuration.
Administrator can use the below command to verify the status:

IAP_Master# show airgroup status
AirGroup Feature
AirGroup Multi Swarm
AirGroup Guest Multicast
CPPM Parameters
Parameter                   Value
---------                   -----
CPPM Enforce Registration   Disabled
CPPM Server query interval  0 Seconds
CPPM Server dead time       100 Seconds
AirGroup Service Information
Service   Status
-------   ------
airplay   Disabled
airprint   Disabled

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