Can I disable external Captive Portal for a specific type of uplink (3G, WiFi or ethernet) on Aruba Instant APs? If yes how to configure it?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

This article explains a new feature introduced in IAP version where we can disable external Captive Portal if the uplink is:

  1. 3G/4G or
  2. WiFi  or
  3. Ethernet

This article applies to all the IAP running minimum version of



Environment: All the sample outputs in this article have been tested on IAP 105 running

  1. Create a new Guest SSID and navigate to Security.
  2. Choose the “Splash Page Type” and select the “Disable if uplink type is” option as shown in the screenshot below:

rtaImage (1).png



As per the above screenshot, if the uplink is 3G or WiFi, the external Captive Portal will be disabled.


When the external Captive Portal is disabled, the client browser will display an error similar to this:



rtaImage (2).png



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