Can an Instant AP be brought up without an IP address?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment  :  This article applies to all Aruba Instant Access Points running InstantOS versions starting from


With Aruba Instant and later, one can bring up an Instant AP (IAP) without any static IP configuration or DHCP server. When the AP comes up, it tries to obtain an IP address via DHCP server. When it fails, it boots up with a randomly generated 169.254.x.x IP address. When the AP is up, it broadcasts the instant SSID (like any other factory default IAP).

A user can connect to the SSID and get an IP address in the range from the internal DHCP server of the IAP and can access the UI via By logging into the web interface, the APs can be provided with a valid static IP address.

-> Connect to "Instant" SSID and login to web interface.
-> Select the IAP from the list and click on "Edit"
On the "General" tab, Static IP can be assigned.

Below is the screenshot of assigning a static IP to an Instant AP:





Note:  If the network had a DHCP server that was not leasing IPs when the IAP came up, but eventually it provides an IP address later, then the IAP automatically reboots and comes up with a DHCP-acquired IP address.


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