Can bandwidth be controlled per WMM service queue in Aruba Instant? How to configure and validate?

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Aruba Employee

Environment : This article applies to all Aruba Instant Access Points running Aruba InstantOS or higher.


Wi-FiMultimedia (WMM) is a Wi-Fi Alliance specification based on the IEEE 802.11e wireless Quality of Service (QoS) standard. The specification provides basic prioritization of data packets based on four access categories  - voice, video, best effort and background.

Starting from InstantOS 3.3, we can allocate WMM traffic share for the voice, video, besteffort, and background access categories when configuring an SSID profile. Based on network profile or on a congested wireless network,  a higher bandwidth for voice and video can be allocated than to other types of traffic. 

In a non-WMM or hybrid environment, where some clients are not WMM-capable,you can allocate higher values for Besteffort WMM share and Voice WMM share to allocate a higher bandwidth to clients transmitting besteffort and voicetraffic.

Below are the configurable options for WMM share in an SSID profile:


  • Background WMM share: Allocates bandwidth for background traffic such as file downloads or print jobs.


  • Best effort WMM share: Allocates bandwidth for best effort traffic such as traffic from legacy devices or traffic from applications or devices that do not support QoS.


  • Video WMM share: Allocates bandwidth for video traffic generated from video streaming devices.
  • Voice WMM share: Allocates bandwidth for voice traffic generated from the incoming and outgoing voice communication.


Below screenshots guide towards the configuration from GUI and CLI:

From GUI:



  1. Open Instant GUI and login with admin credentials.
  2. Under "Network", click on "New" for a new SSID profile. If the SSID profile is already configured, highlight it and click on "Edit".
  3. On the "WLAN Settings" section, click on "Show advanced options"

As seen in the below image, configure the WMM share percentage values:

Note:    Make sure that the sum of the four values are not bigger than 100%             


From CLI:

Once in the SSID profile, below commands will help to configure WMM share:


rtaImage (1).jpg




To validate, one can look for the SSID profile config in the running configuration:

# Show running-config
rtaImage (2).jpg


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