Can the wired clients on the Instant AP get an IP address from the internal DHCP server (VC assigned)? How to verify if the wired clients are getting IP address from the internal DHCP scope?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

This article explains a new feature introduced in OS version where the wired clients on the IAP can receive an IP address from the internal DHCP server.


From OS version onwards, the downlink wired ports on the IAP supports the “VC assigned”IP address assignment meaning the clients connected to the IAP wired ports can get an IP address from the internal DHCP server on the IAP. All the downlink wired ports now by default are mapped to a default “Wired-instant” profile. The “Wired-instant” wired profile does exactly the same for the wired clients as “Instant” SSID does for the wireless clients. This profile can be deleted but cannot be modified just like the “Instant” SSID.

The default configuration for "wired-instant” wired profile is:

rtaImage (3).png


The HTTP request for the wired client connected to the IAP downlink port is redirected to
To verify if the “wired-instant” wired profile is mapped to all the downlink wired port of the IAP


rtaImage (4).png


All the ports in the above cmd output except the uplink (port 0) is mapped with the “wired-instant” profile.


Environment : This article applies to all the IAPs running OS version or above.


The default “wired-instant” profile cannot be customized. In order to have a non-default wired profile to be able to provide “VC-assigned” IP address to the wired clients, create a new wired profile and map it on to the wired port.

  1. Navigate to More> Wired

rtaImage (5).png



2. Click “New”.
       3. Enter the Wired profile name and other details.
       4. Click “Next"
       5. Choose client IP assignment as “Virtual Controller assigned”. This will make the wired clients to get the IP    address from the internal DHCP server.



rtaImage (6).png



Go ahead with the creating the rest of the wired profile.

         6. Map the newly created wired profile to the downlink ports.


Run the command “show dhcp-allocation” to verify the VC assigned VLAN (VLAN 3333) network range and the IP address that the wired client received.



rtaImage (7).png



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Can the wired client get an IP from external DHCP server on a network assigned vlan ? Thanks
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