Can we configure IAPs to turn off their radios by night?

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Environment         This article applies to all the IAPs running a minimum OS version of


As of code version 4.0 there is no configuration options available on the IAP GUI to turn off their radios in a timely manner

But if the instant APs are managed by Aruba Airwave then the Radio Enabled option allows you to disable the radio's ability to transmit or receive data while still maintaining Ethernet connectivity to the network. AMP will still monitor the Ethernet page and ensure the IAP stays online. This setting can be scheduled at an AP level or Group level.

NOTE: You cannot disable radios unless rogue scanning is disabled in Groups > Radio.

This was supported in IAP 3.3. If you are using templates you can create a variable for it and schedule the recurring change in AirWave.

In an environment where there is no Airwave but if the IAPs are connected and POE powered by Aruba mobility switches, then APs connected to an Aruba Mobility Access switch and sourcing power through POE can be powered down on a timely manner using the POE Time Range feature, the PoE on MAS supports time range for controlling the mode of the PoE power (enable/disable) to the PoE port.
But this will bring down the IAP instead of just turn off their radios.

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