Cannot stream videos on iphones or ipads using IAPs

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Aruba Employee


Why are we unable to stream youtube vidoes that have a preluding commercial on iPhones/iPads?


Any Aruba OS
Any Aruba IAP
We observe that any youtube video that has a commercial in front of it will NOT play, but videos without the leading commercials WILL.  
HBO Go – will stream
Vimeo – will stream
Amazon Instant Video – will stream
Apple Trailers – will not stream
Netflix – will not stream
Trailer-Addict – will not stream
Crackle – will not stream
YouTube – will only show me commercials that precede the videos I wish to watch.  At that point, YouTube will not stream

When the video has a commercial before it, video playback stops as soon as the main video would begin to play (right after the commercial).  Here is a screenshot of the error message on the iphone:  
Image A.jpg


Settings on the firewall block certain HTTP traffic.
We have seen a couple of such settings on a Dell SonicWall that block selective videos.  Adjusting the settings as below resolved the issue in this case:

#1 – Enabled “Enable HTTP Byte-Range requests with Gateway AV” under Security Services – Gateway Anti-virus – Gateway AV Settings
Image b.jpg
#2 – Unchecked / Disabled “Low Danger Level Spyware” detection under Security Settings – Anti-Spyware – Signature Groups.
Image c.jpg
After the above changes, we were able to stream YouTube, NetFlix etc.  The precise details of these settings might need a reference with Dell documentation and why these 2 settings were causing trouble for iPhone / iPad users only.  However we are sure that the issue is on the firewall and not with the IAPs.  This was established by various tests with IAPs on a network without such firewall restrictions.
This issue can either be related to the youtube App or login cache on the iPhone/iPad.  Once that is ruled out then the only possibility is some firewall settings on the Network, because other videos work fine using the same client.  We have seen a couple of such settings for a Dell SonicWall that were found to be selectively blocking http traffic for youtube videos on iPhones/iPads.
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This has nothing to do with firewall outside the Aruba.


The aruba is the issue. I have the same issue. This happened once the aruba was put into place. The Cisco do not have this issue?


Please fix it soon.



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