Command to check the config pushed from Central in IAP


In Aruba Instant how can we verify what all configuration has been pushed from Central?


After integrating Aruba Instant with Aruba Central, all the configurations has to be done from Aruba Central.

If we have to find out what is the configuration that has been pushed from Central, below are the 2 useful commands. These are helpful in troubleshooting issues if any scenarios arise where any of the config gets deleted from IAP. With this, we can verify if Central has pushed any delete command or not.



On Aruba Central, I have created a new SSID profile and it has been pushed to IAP. We can verify using:

ac:a3:1e:c3:30:32# show ap debug airwave-config-received   ==> This command will not save historic data but will show the very latest output. 
wlan access-rule ArubaIAP: OK
rule any any match any any any permit: OK
exit: OK
wlan ssid-profile ArubaIAP: OK
essid ArubaIAP: OK
opmode opensystem: OK
vlan guest: OK
type guest: OK
captive-portal disable: OK
dtim-period 1: OK
broadcast-filter none: OK
inactivity-timeout 1000: OK
dmo-channel-utilization-threshold 90: OK
max-clients-threshold 64: OK
enable: OK
exit: OK


ac:a3:1e:c3:30:32# show log ap-debug 30

Jun 25 12:11:27  awc[1816]: Message over SSL from <central server URL>, SSL_read() returned 580, errstr=Success, Message is "HT                               TP/1.1 200 OK^M Server: nginx/1.4.7^M Date: Thu, 25 Jun 2015 12:11:27 GMT^M Content-Type: text/plain^M Content-Length: 331^M Connection: keep                               -alive^M X-Session-Id: 90a078c6-0316-426c-aa6e-2aa9b23df319^M X-Status-Code: success^M X-Command: delta-config^M ^M wlan access-rule ArubaIAP rule any any match any any any permit exit wlan ssid-profile ArubaIAP   essid ArubaIAP   opmode opensystem   vlan guest   type guest   captive-portal disable   dtim-period 1   broadcast-filter none   inactivity-timeout 1000  dmo-channel-utilization-threshold 90   max-clients-threshold 64   enable exit", AWC response: (null)

SSID named TESTap was deleted from Central and here is how it'll look in IAP:

ac:a3:1e:c3:30:32# show ap debug airwave-config-received
no wlan ssid-profile TESTap: OK
no wlan access-rule TESTap: OK


ac:a3:1e:c3:30:32# show log ap-debug 30

Date: Thu, 25 Jun 2015 12:40:21 GMT^M Content-Type: text/plain^M Content-Length: 54^M Connection: keep-alive^M X-Session-Id: fd44b482-42f0-41b1-a5df-37cbe4c05be4^M X-Status-Code: success^M X-Command: delta-config^M ^M no wlan ssid-profile TESTap no wlan access-rule TESTap", AWC response: (null)
Jun 25 12:40:21  awc[1816]: athena_read: 1359: X-Session-Id from athena: fd44b482-42f0-41b1-a5df-37cbe4c05be4

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