Common Mistakes done while Bringing up an Iap in cluster

MVP Expert
MVP Expert

Common Mistakes done while Bringing up an Iap in cluster.


•    Network issues 
    o    IAP fails to get an ip address
    o    Master and local are part of a different subnet and firewall in between 
   o    Multiple DHCP servers in subnet.
   o    Native VLAN of the trunk that an Ap is connected is a dummy VLAN or doesn’t have a DHCP server.
•    Slave fails to join due to Ap image mismatch
•    Slave has different regulatory domain
•    Slave has different OEM build than master
•    Auto join is disabled
•    The uplink of the preferred master in the cluster in unstable.

Here are some Useful Troubleshooting commands which will help 
Show Election
Show summary
Show log System
Show Ap’s
Show cpu
Debug-master-beacon (this command works only from console)

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