Configurable ESSID in WLAN profile for Aruba Instant

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How to configure/modify ESSID name in Instant?


In earlier Instant version, SSID name was same as SSID profile name and it wasn't a configurable variable. Instant version 4.2 allows WLAN administrator to change/modify ESSID name as needed with SSID profile name unchanged. By default ESSID name is set as SSID profile name. 


CLI Configuration:


IAP (config) # wlan ssid-profile test
IAP (SSID Profile "test") # essid test-psk


show network/show clients

IAP# show network
Profile Name  ESSID     Clients  Type      Band  Authentication Method  Key Management  IP Assignment  Status   Zone  Coding
------------  -----     -------  ----      ----  ---------------------  --------------  -------------  ------   ----  ------
test          test-psk  1        employee  all   None                   WPA2-AES        Default VLAN   Enabled  -     Default

IAP# show clients 
Client List
Name     IP Address   MAC Address        OS  ESSID     Access Point       Channel  Type  Role  IPv6 Address  Signal    Speed (mbps) 
----     ----------   -----------        --  -----     ------------       -------  ----  ----  ------------  ------    ------------ 
root-PC  36:13:00:00:00:01      test-psk  94:b4:0f:ca:bc:2e  36+      AN    test  --            38(good)  240(good)    

Number of Clients   :1


Web UI Configuration:





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