Consideration/Limitation in setting up IAP mesh

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee
This article applies to all Aruba Instant APs and Aruba Instant OS versions and above
  • With the mesh topology, at least one IAP requires a wired connection.
  • Aruba Instant Mesh will support Dual-radio only (i.e. supported on IAP-105 only)
  • Max hop count =2 (point->point->portal)
  • Max number of mesh points per mesh portal is 8. If two IAPs are wired, there will be redundancy, and most mesh points will try to mesh directly with one of the two portals. However, depending on actual deployment/RF environment some mesh points may mesh through an intermediate mesh points. This part is no different from controller behavior.
  • A mesh point cannot become the Virtual Controller
  • With InstantOS 3.0 and earlier, the Eth0 port on every AP is decided as an uplink. It can only be used to connect to the upstream wired network. This means only IAP models with multiple Ethernet ports (RAP3, IAP134, and IAP135) can support the connection of wired clients such as VOIP phones.
  • In InstantOS 3.1, Eth0 port on individual APs can be converted to act as a downlink port – Ethernet0 Bridging. This allows IAPs with only a single Ethernet port to support wired clients as well, but only when their uplink is wireless.
  • For Aruba Instant the 5G radio is shared between backhaul and client access. The 2.4G radio is dedicated to providing client access.
  • Dual portals must be on the same L2 domain.Therefore, you cannot “dual home” to portals on different towers/buildings with different uplinks
  • If you deploy sectorized clusters, each portal/VC must be on its own L2 domain. So you would have to have an L3 switch or a router upstream from the VC clusters before your uplink
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