Does IAP support management VLAN being tagged? How to configure?

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Aruba Employee

Instant supports tagging of management VLAN for the uplink traffic on an IAP. After an IAP is provisioned with this parameter, all management traffic sent from the IAP is tagged with the management VLAN. 

  • Up-link VLAN is a IAP specific configuration and changing it on Master would NOT be push the configuration to other slave IAP's in the cluster.
  • This feature is used in cases where we wanted IAP's to broadcast a bridge SSID with local vlan and still having the IAP management cluster running in different vlan. In such cases we connect IAP's to trunk ports with uplink-vlan configured with management VLAN ID.
  • This feature helps in differentiating guest SSID vlan from the IAP management VLAN.
  • Authentication requests to external authentication server are sent as tagged with management vlan.


  • This configuration requires an IAP reboot to take effect.

Perform the following steps to configure a uplink management VLAN on an IAP:



1. Login to Instant WebUI

2. From the list, select the Access Points

3. Click the "edit" link. An Edit APwindow appears.


4. In the Edit AP window, select the "Uplink" tab.

5. Specify the VLAN in the Uplink Management VLAN field.

6. Click OK.

rtaImage (1).jpg

CLI command "Show uplink-vlan" can be used to verify the configuration:

rtaImage (2).jpg

NOTE:  Uplink-vlan change need IAP reboot. Be sure that the Vlan ID you are entering is correct and there a DHCP server exists in the specified vlan to assign IP address to Instant AP on reboot.



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What's happen is you add a New IAP ?  the new one will not be able to join the cluster ?? 

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