Does Instant APs(IAP) support Mesh in 2.4GHz frequency?

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MVP Expert

Does Instant APs support Mesh in 2.4 GHz frequency?


No. None of the Instant APs (A.K.A. IAPs) have the ability to support Mesh functionality in 2.4.GHz frequency. The 2.4G radio is dedicated to provide client access.

The Instant APs uses only the 5 GHz  frequency for Mesh functionality. There configuration for mesh is built in on IAPs OS and we do not have an option to customize the mesh settings. 

The mesh is supported only on IAPs that support 5 GHz frequency like IAP-100 series/ IAP-130 series/ IAP-110 Series/ IAP-220 series/ IAP-175s/ IAP-90 Series.



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I suppose it is still not possible to use 2.4 GHz and that it is not planned?

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