Firmware compliance on IAP


What is the use of firmware Compliance option in IAP?


Central now allows you to force firmware upgrade for devices in a group. Once we select the specific firmware for the IAP under the compliance settings, we can not upgrade the cluster to a different firmware until the settings are changed.

All the VC's which would join the group will upgrade themselves to the firmware listed under compliance settings.

1.  We need to select the group on which the settings need to be enforced.

Under the group we need to navigate to Maintenance--Firmware option & click on the settings icon next to Firmware.


2.  Click on the settings tab & select the firmware that needs to be forced on the group from the dropdown list.


3.  Once we save the above setting, IAP cluster will either try to upgrade/downgrade based on the option that is selected. In case, it is already compliant the option to select VC for manual upgrade gets graded out.


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Hi, I have a cluster of IAP-205 running on version, can i upgrade this directly to, we have experiencing high CPU utilization of some IAP-205 even it has least client connected to it. hope you answer my query. 4F[1].JPG


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