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Aruba Employee
  • IAP must be allowed to reach ""

    Config on Activate:

  • First you need to create a folder

       .To properly setup activate, folder names on activate must match with folder name on Airwave.

To create a new folder

  • Click on setup

  • Click New and enter folder name. Click done when complete.




rtaImage (1).jpg


Next Activate requires rules to setup for each new folder. To create rules click on the folder name on left column and click on New on the centre “Rules” category.

-Please select the rule type as provisioning rule.

- To create a new provisioning rule, click on the New link in the middle box labelled Rules and supply the following information

  • Under Rule Type, select Provisioning Rule

  • Under Parent Folder, select the new folder that was created in the previous step

  • Under Provisioning type, select IAP to Airwave

  • Under AMP IP, enter the AirWave IP address.  This should be a public IP address if provisioning home IAPs using the RAP-NG architecture (IAP+VPN). If this is an IAP deployment with Airwave accessible from the APs, then a public IP address on Airwave isn't needed.  

  • Under Shared Secret, enter an alphanumeric key that will act as a trust mechanism between the Instant AP and AMP. There is NO requirement to also set the same value anywhere in AMP.

  • Under Organization, enter the exact same (case sensitive) value that is created (or will be created) on AMP.  This is one of the most important aspects of zero touch provisioning.  In addition to this value, you can colon separate additional values to create sub folders in AMP for further granularity in the AP/Devices tab.  For example, if I wanted to create the group "US-East" but then have sub folders for smaller regions, I can do the following in this field.  "US-East:MA:Boston"  This would create/provision from the US-East Group in AMP as well as create/add folders as such in AMP - Top --> US-East --> MA --> Boston.

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