Hashed Management Password for Instant Access Points


As of today, passwords of management users are stored on IAP in reversible encryption format. Management password can be seen in plain text in running configuration using show running-configuration no-encrypt. Hence for the same reason WLAN admin wish to have something more secure than an encrypted format.


Starting Instant version 4.3, WLAN admin can enforce hashing of management user's passwords. A hashed password is more secure than an encrypted password the reason being, encrypted password can be decrypted back but hashed password cannot be reversed back to original text.


Hash-mgmt-password is optional for users who upgrade to 4.3. If hash-mgmt-password is not enabled after upgrading to 4.3, management passwords are stored and displayed as it was before. Hash-mgmt-password is enabled by default.

CLI Configuration:



Web UI Configuration:


System -> Admin -> Hashed Management Password



Executing "show mgmt-user" will show if the Hash Management Password is enabled or not.



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