How Central will behave when the Evaluation license expires ?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment : This article applies to all Instant Access Points managed by Aruba Central


When the Central Evaluation license expires, the Instant Access points will be no more managed from Central. But, due to the way Central communicates to the Instant Access Points, it will not send a notification to the access points on this change and because of this when we try to manage the Instant Access Points locally it will throw the following error  


Cannot access the local admin, all ap's associated to this controller is being managed by athena


Hence to fix this issue 


  • Log in to the central account and unassign the license from the device/s

  • Reboot the IAP’s to remove the lock that Central places on the configuration

Now you should be able to access and manage the IAP over the local GUI.


This behavior will change in future revisions.


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Gary Hahn

Seems like the apboot> option "factory reset" now recovers management capability.

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