How do I acknowledge all the notification in my Aruba Central account?

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Aruba Employee

Environment         This article applies to Aruba Central.


Aruba Central creates a notification every time an event occurs. The event could be the status change of a virtual controller in a group or adding an new user in the account. These notifications are populated and the count of the same is notified to the administrator at the top-right corner. As shown below:




At times, the Administrator may want to clear off all the notifications by acknowledging them. Below steps would guide to do the same:

1. Click on the icon, a list of notifications appear. At the end of the list, click on 'Show All"






2. This takes you to a new screen, where all notifications will be shown. Click on "Acknowledge All" to acknowledge all the notifications at once.




3. The counter beside the notification icon clears off to zero, as shown below:




NOTE:  It is recommended to acknowledge the notifications after understanding the event mentioned in the message.

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If only this actually worked!  I'm up to 1000+ notifications with no way to acknowledge them!  


I have the same problem  +1000 notifications when I select acknolwedge all the wheel just sits and spins

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