How do I check what Airgroup services are configured on an Aruba Instant Virtual Controller ?

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Aruba Employee

This article lists out the configured Airgroup services on an Aruba Instant Virtual Controller.


Environment :

This article applies to Aruba Instant Access Points (IAP's) running on Aruba InstantOS

Inorder to configure AirGroup services, one must enable AirGroup in the WebUI of Instant. Follow these steps to enable Airgroup and checkout the services of AirGroup:



  1. Login into WebUI of Instant
  2. Go to Settings and at the bottom, click on "Show Advanced Options"
  3. Go to "AirGroup" tab
  4. Select "Enable Air Group" and click OK
  5. To checkout the services that AirGroup offers, Click on Support from the main menu.,
  6. Select the command "VC AirGroup Service" and Select target as VC (Virtual Controller) and then click on Run. As shown in the below image:




From CLI interface, we can run the command "show airgroupservice", as we see in below image:


rtaImage (1).jpg



However, here are the list of AirPlay and AirPrint  services:



AirGroupService Details
Service  Description ID
airplay AirPlay  _airplay._tcp
airprint AirPrint _ipp._tcp






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