How do I configure MAC OUI-based role derivation on Aruba Instant?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Product and Software: This article applies to Aruba Instant 3.2


To configure MAC OUI based role derivation for SSID

Step 1: Click New under Name



rtaImage (40).png


Step 2: Give SSID Name, Select “Employee” for Primary usage and Hit Next


rtaImage (41).png



Step 3: Select IP assignment, VLAN assignment and Hit Next


rtaImage (42).png



Step 4: Select Security Level and Hit Next


rtaImage (43).png



Step 5: Select Access Rules "Role-based" and Click New


rtaImage (44).png



Step 6: Select Attribute, Operator, enter String and Select Role, Press OK


rtaImage (45).png



Step 7: We can see the configured Rule and Hit Finish


rtaImage (46).png



Step 8: We can see the SSID is Broadcasting.


rtaImage (47).png



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