How do I configure VLAN pooling in Aruba Instant?

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Aruba Employee

This article explains:

1. Need for VLAN Pooling in IAP
2. Configuring VLAN Pool in IAP
4. What we cannot achieve using VLAN pooling

VLAN Pooling is a new feature added in OS version Any version prior to this does not have the VLAN Pooling feature.


In a single IAP cluster, there can be a large number of clients in the same VLAN. This leads to a high level of broadcasts in the same subnet. The solution to this is to partition the network into reasonably-sized subnets and use L3-mobility between those subnets, when clients roam. However, there are various situations, like simple network design considerations, where a large number of clients need to be in the same subnet. VLAN pooling provides a solution in such scenarios. Each client is randomly assigned a VLAN from a pool of
VLANs on the same SSID, thereby automatically partitioning a single broadcast domain of clients into multiple VLANs.

VLAN Pooling ensures client gets the same VLAN across all APsin the cluster.

NOTE: VLAN Pooling and L3 Mobility cannot be used together. Also, random VLAN assignment 
algorithm does not ensure even distribution of clients.



Environment : This article applies to all IAPs running OS version


Navigate to New WLAN > VLAN tab > Static > Assign VLAN ID



rtaImage (36).png


Client VLAN assignments can be viewed in CLI and in Support UI by checking the AP association table


rtaImage (37).png

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We can define a vlan pool with a pool name, and assign the pool name in the VLAN 'box', right?

"Named VLAN" is not supported in Instant. As shown in the above screen shot, we can only list the VLAN ID's.

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