How do I configure an SSID on Aruba Central?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

This article explains the steps to create a wireless network (SSID) on Aruba Central.


We can create SSIDs with different authentication and encryption methods through the Aruba Central dashboard, which in turn will be broadcasted by the Instant APs.


Environment: This article applies to all the IAPs running a minimum version of and managed by Aruba Central.



  1. Navigate to Configuration> Networks
  2. Click Create New.



3. Choose the Type as wireless.
4. Enter the SSID name.
5. Select the primary usage to be “employee”,  “voice” or “guest”.
6. Click Next.



rtaImage (1).png


7. Select the Client IP assignment as Virtual controller assigned or Network Assigned. In case we choose Network Assigned we would need to select the VLAN assignment method as well.
8. Click Next.


rtaImage (2).png


9. Select the security level to be either Enterprise, Personal, or Open. Depending upon the security level, we should configure other parameters that appear below it.
10. Click Next.



rtaImage (3).png


11. Select the access rule to be either Role Based, Unrestricted or Network-based and configure the necessary permission and then  clickFinish.



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Thanks, can u share the steps (in similar way) to follow while configuring new SSID on AOS master controller.


Hi Friend,


Here are the steps to configure new SSID in AOS,


1. create SSID peofile :

Here we can configure SSID, Authentication and encryption type and some other advanced options.

Here MySSID is the profile name.

Config AP 6.JPG

Here we can select the SSID, Auth type and encryption type.


Config AP 7.JPG


2. Create AAA profile:

This is required even if we have not selected any security in SSID profile.

Here AAA profile name is MyAAA


Config AP 4.JPG

Here we can select pre and post auth roles, Mac and dot1x server group, MAC and dot1x auth profiles etc.


Config AP 6.JPG


3. configure VAP profile :

For each SSID we need to create one VAP and we will map SSID and AAA profiles to the VAP

We also selec the VALN and forward mode for the SSID here in VAP profile.


Config AP 3.JPG


Here We have select SSID profile, AAA profile , VLAN and the forwarding mode.


Config AP 8.JPG


4. Create an AP-Group and map the VAP:


here we will map all the VAP profiles that we have created for each SSID.

Config AP 1.JPG


Config AP 3.JPG


Finally we will provision APs with the AP-Group.


Config AP 9.JPG


Config AP 10.JPG


Hope you got some idea :)


Please feel free to come back for any further help on this.






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