How do I configure captive portal with mac authentication on the wired port of an Instant AP?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

This article deals with the configuration of wired port authentication (Captive portal+mac authentication) on the same wired port.


Initially, when Aruba Instant was released first, there was no wired authentication supported. However, with constant evolution, Aruba came up with the support of wired authentication (mac authentication and captive portal) in the release
In Instant, new features have been added in wired authentication:

  •        802.1x authentication
  •       MAC & 802.1x authentication (on the same port)
  •       MAC & Captive Portal authentication (on the same port)
  •       Content filtering

In this article, we will discuss the configuration of MAC and captive portal authentication together on the same wired port.



Environment : This article applies to all the IAPs running OS verison


1. Navigate to “wired” on the top right of the WebUI\





2. Create a new “Wired Network” profile by clicking on the “New” button. Click on “Next”.


rtaImage (1).png



3. Set the VLAN configuration to access or trunk and click “Next”.


rtaImage (2).png



4. Select the splash page type from the drop down and enable MAC authentication


rtaImage (3).png



5. Configure proper access list for the permission that the users are suppose get after authentication and click on “Finish” button.


rtaImage (4).png


6. Map the created wired profile to a specific port under “Network Assignments”



rtaImage (5).png




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