How do I push a configuration to Aruba Instant APs?

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Aruba Employee

Question:  How do I push a configuration to Aruba Instant APs?


Product and Software: This article applies to Aruba Instant.

Configuration of Instant is supported via AirWave. This is different from controller-based configurations because there is no template-to-GUI configuration facility.

The idea is that you keep one or two Instant APs in the lab to build and test a configuration. When the configuration is ready to be pushed to production, import the configuration into AirWave, which forms a template configuration. (When the Aruba Instant AP is configured in the AirWave server, Aruba Instant sends the configuration template to the AirWave server using HTTP for every 5 minutes). However, this template configuration cannot be edited in AirWave. Then you push this template out to the remote Instant clusters.

Any changes to the configuration require a repeat of the process. The change must be made on the lab Instant APs, the configuration is imported into AirWave, and then the template is distributed to the production clusters.

Sample Template on the AirWave Server



















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