How do I set up Aruba Instant into AirWave manually?

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Aruba Employee

Question:  How do I set up Aruba Instant into AirWave manually?


Product and Software: This article applies to all Aruba Instant platforms and versions.


On the Aruba Instant homepage you can check if AirWave is set up or not.

1) Click Set Up Now.





2) Type a name (organization) for this Aruba Instant AP (IAP), the IP address of AirWave, and a shared key. Click OK.




After this you will see that the Status is "Not Connected".





3) Go to AirWave and find the role that Instant automatically created for you. The role will have the name of the organization that you configured in Instant. The name is appended with "Admin," so in this case it is "Aruba---NL Admin".





4) Click the pencil symbol, enable the role, and save.
Notice that AirWave created a folder for you with the name of the organization.



5) Notice that AirWave discovered a new device (New Devices: 1). Click the New Devices link, select the device, and put it in the folder that was created for this device and in a group of your choice. Always add a new device in Monitor Only mode.




You will now find two devices (virtual controller and AP) in your folder. It can take some minutes before the devices show up here.





When additional Instant APs are added to this virtual controller, they appear automatically in the folder after they are active.


AirWave automatically makes a template from the configuration of the virtual controller.






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