How do I upgrade IAPs managing via Aruba Central to a beta InstantOS code?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Summary : This article talks about upgrading the IAPs to beta InstantOS code from Aruba Central.


Introduction :



The article applies to IAP running and above 

Upgrading to current latest version from Aruba Central is at ease and it is easily available. Deployments with test and lab setup, where one would take a glance of new features available on new versions.
Feature Notes : #  Beta codes are not for productions setup. They are generally meant for test and lab setups.
Environment : This article applies to Instant Access Points managing via Aruba Central.
Network Topology : IAPs in a same Layer 2 network formed as a cluster and being manged by Aruba Central.
Configuration Steps :
Follow the steps to upgrade the IAP cluster to beta code from Aruba Central:

1. Login to Aruba Central Account

2. Click on the menu symbol beside "All Groups"

3. Select the Group that the IAP Cluster is part of...

4. From the side menu, under "Maintenance" , click on Firmware.

5. Select the VC Name that you would like to upgrade and click "Upgrade Firmware"

6. A upgrade firmware window pops up as shown below:

->   Select "Manual" and for Type:  select "beta" and the firmware version.

Verification : Master will have the code downloaded and sync with the member IAPs of the cluster.


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