How do i enable DLNA on the IAP?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Starting from 4.1 on IAP AirGroup extends support for DLNA in addition to existing support for mDNS.


Following are the AirGroup DLNA services which we support on the current release 

DLNA media
DLNA print

Upgrade from 4.0 to 4.1 will enable both Bonjour and DLNA only if AirGroup was enabled earlier. 
Below are the steps to configure DLNA feature on the Aruba instant 

Connect to Instant UI
Click on "More" and under dropdown select "Service" 
Mark check on "Enable DLNA"
And from Airgroup service we need the select service DLNA services 
rtaImage (1).jpg
CLI configuration:

To enable DLNA 

18:64:72:c8:20:16 (config) # airgroup
18:64:72:c8:20:16 (airgroup) # enable dlna-only
18:64:72:c8:20:16 (airgroup) # exit

To enable specific services
18:64:72:c8:20:16 (config) # airgroupservice "DLNA Media"
18:64:72:c8:20:16 (airgroup-service) # enable
18:64:72:c8:20:16 (airgroup-service) # exit
18:64:72:c8:20:16 (config) # airgroupservice "DLNA Print"
18:64:72:c8:20:16 (airgroup-service) # exit
18:64:72:c8:20:16 (config) # airgroupservice chromecast
18:64:72:c8:20:16 (airgroup-service) # exit 
18:64:72:c8:20:16# write mem
Save configuration.
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