How does AppRF work in mixed AP deployment?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment : This article applies to Instant Access points running 4.1 and later


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In a mixed class deployments (only web filtering supported APs and full apprf supported APs) below is how the AppRF works,
At the time of configuring, there is no explicit check for AP capabilities. What this means is that, you can configure App rules even on an AP which supports only web filtering, but enforcement or visualization would only happen for web traffic. Each AP visualizes and enforces the traffic as per its capability.
On web filtering only supported APs like AP-105, if app-classification rules are configured, it will be considered a NO-OP; as if that rule does NOT exist. However, at the same time on full apprf upported APs like AP-225, the same app-classification rules will be enforced. For visualization, it is per-ap. You have to click on per ‘AP or client’ view to see the AppRF charts. So, in AP-105, the AppRF will show ONLY 2 graphs the web-category and web-reputation. In AP-225, all the 4 charts will be shown as Application, Application category, web-category and web-reputation.


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