How does Aruba Instant AP’s WebUI behave when the AMP (AirWave Management Platform) server is in “Manage” mode?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

This article explains a new feature introduced in IAP OS version and AMP OS version 7.7, wherein, if the AMP server is in “Manage” mode, the IAP’s WebUI screen will turn into read-only. You would not be able to make any changes from the Instant UI. All the changes has to be made through the AirWave server.


This article applies to all the IAPs running a minimum OS version of and a minimum version of 7.7 on the AMP server.


Environment : All the sample outputs in this article are taken on an IAP 105 running and an AirWave server running 7.7 (Beta version).  As of this writing, AirWave version 7.7 is yet to be released for general availability.



1. Add the AMP server on IAP:

a. Navigate to System> Admin
b. Enter the details under AirWave.





2. Add the IAP on the AMP:

  1. On the AMP, click on “New Devices” at the top.

rtaImage (1).png


b. Choose the Group and Folder name as the name enter under “organization” while adding the AMP details on the IAP.  Click on “Add”.

Note:- Aruba generally recommends the devices to be added to the AirWave in “Monitor” mode first and then change it to “Manage” mode so that unwanted configuration does not gets pushed to the IAP. However, if required you can add the IAP in “Manage” mode directly.


rtaImage (2).png


c. Click on “apply changes now”.


rtaImage (3).png


d. The Virtual Controller (VC) and all other associated slave APs will appear under the group.


rtaImage (4).png



3. Change the mode on AMP to “manage”.
     a. Click on Modify device.


rtaImage (5).png


  b. Select all the devices and change the mode to “manage”.


rtaImage (6).png


rtaImage (7).png


Once the configuration is done, if you try to make any changes through the IAP WebUI, you will see the following error:


rtaImage (8).png



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