How does Auto Licensing Assignment feature works with Central 2.2.4 ?


How does "Auto Licensing Assignment" feature works with Central 2.2.4 ?


Previously when we assign license to a device in Central ,we get an option to select the subscription key from the list of available and when the license expires we need to manually assign a new license 

From 2.2.4 central automatically assign the license from the available list of subscription keys . When we click on "Assign licenses" we no longer get option to select the key, central automatically choose the key . It chooses the subscription key with the latest expiry first .

For example if we have two keys one expires at 2018 and another at 2020 ,central chooses the latest expiry first  i.e 2020 will be used first. Once all the licenses are used under that key then 2018 key will be used .

When a license assigned to a device expires, Central automatically assigns another license to this device if the subscription key has unused licenses.


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