How does client IP assignment occurs on wired segment connected to E0 or E1, when Wi-Fi uplink is in use on Instant AP?

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Aruba Employee

One of the interesting feature that Aruba Instant AP comes with, is the Wi-Fi uplink. Instant AP can act as a wireless client to an external AP  and can help the wired devices, connected to its E0 or E1 ports to use the wireless uplink for online access or accessing resources on the other side.



The Wi-Fi uplink is supported for all the IAP models, but only the master IAP uses this uplink. The Wi-Fi allows uplink to open, PSK-CCMP, and PSK-TKIP SSIDs.


  • For single radio IAPs, the radio serves wireless clients and the Wi-Fi uplink.
  • For dual radio IAPs, both radios can be used to serve clients but only one of them can be used for the Wi-Fi uplink

Environment : This articles applies to all Aruba Instant Access Points running Aruba InstantOS.


Network Topology :


rtaImage (2).jpg


rtaImage (3).jpg


When the Wi-Fi uplink is in use, the client IP is assigned by the internal DHCP server of IAP. When we say internal DHCP server, then it could be assigned by the Virtual Controller (i.e VC assigned) or Network Assigned (i.e the DHCP Server on IAP)

The Wired profile mapped to the E0 or E1 ports of Instant AP define whether the IP assignment to wired client happens from Virtual Controller (VC assigned) or Network Assigned.

Following image shows VC assigned configuration in Wired profile:

(To access the wired profile, from GUI, click on "More" and select "Wired". Click the Wired profile mapped to ethernet port and click "Edit")


rtaImage (4).jpg



And the subnet assigned by Virtual Controller is defined by the below configuration in IAP:


rtaImage (5).jpg



(Note: Lease time can be set in Minutes, Hours or Days)

The first IP of the subnet (i.e  in the above example) becomes the default gateway IP for clients.

Following image shows the Network Assigned configuration in the Wired profile:

(To access the wired profile, from GUI, click on "More" and select "Wired". Click the Wired profile mapped to ethernet port and click "Edit")


rtaImage (6).jpg



For the vlan ID mentioned above in the "Access Vlan" field there should a referenced DHCP server configured in the IAP. As shown in the below image:

(To access the DHCP Server config, from GUI, click on "More" and select "DHCP Server")


rtaImage (7).jpg



For Ethernet (E0) to serve the wired clients, Ethernet Bridging needs to be enabled on the specific Instant AP, where the wired clients are connected. Follow these steps:
  1. From the Access Point list in the GUI, select the AP
  2. Click on Edit
  3. Click on "Uplink" tab and select Enabled for "Eth0 bridging"  (as shown below)

rtaImage (8).jpg


NOTE: When E0 is being used for downlink for wired clients, make sure you select the "Enforce Uplink" as Wi-Fi.  Or else, the moment you connect E0 towards the wired network, then IAP would try to switch the uplink towards Ethernet.

Below image helps to select the Wi-Fi as Enforce Uplink:


rtaImage (9).jpg




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