How does disable the hardware reset button on Instant AP ?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Some of the WLAN administrators would like to disable the functionality of the reset button, as the IAP's would be mounted in the areas where there is easy accessibility to end-users or employees (such as low ceiling points) or in the places where is not much of security (such as parking lots).

This article thereby details on disabling the functionality of hardware reset button and also shows how to re-enable it.


  • Console access of the IAP is required to disable the reset button.
  • Any one pushing the reset the button on a slave IAP would not change anything, as the IAP would reboot and joing the master again to download the image and configuration again.

Environment : This article applies to all Aruba Instant Access Points running Aruba InstantOS.



Take the below-mentioned steps to disable the reset button:
  • With the console access to IAP, power-on the device and hit any key at the autoboot prompt to enter into apboot> mode:



  • At the apboot> mode, enter the below command:
              setenv disable_reset_button yes

NOTE:    saveenv  is to save the changes done in the apboot> mode

rtaImage (1).jpg


Once the changes are saved, use the printenv command to verify the changes. This command would print all the apboot configuration to the console screen.



rtaImage (2).jpg


One can easily test the functionality by powering-on the IAP with the reset button pressed.  Below message is posted on the console and the IAP continues to boot:


rtaImage (3).jpg



To re-enable the reset functionality, use the same command without the "yes" prompt:


rtaImage (4).jpg



Now, as the reset functionality is re-enabled, below message is shown on console when you press the reset button when powered-on:


rtaImage (5).jpg




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